Our Team

We live by the philosophy "GROW TO SERVE"


James Londenberg

Owner/Founder/Grand Master Instructor

James Londenberg is a 6th degree Black Belt with 32 years of Martial Arts experience.

He is a 4 time AAU national champion and Developer of the Family Martial Arts "Leadership Curriculum"

Life Goal:

"To teach self-reliance to everyone I meet"


Caulin Londenberg

General Manager/Master Instructor

Caulin Londenberg, son of Grand Master James Londenberg is a 4th degree Black Belt.

He has been training with Family Martial Arts since the age of 18 months. He has been raised in the Martial Arts.

He is a 2 time AAU national champion.

Master Londenberg is the perfect example of how effective our martial arts program can be in developing youth in to successful young adults.

Life Goal:

"To be better today that I was yesterday."


Brandon Cook

Instructor/Program Director

3rd degree Black Belt. Has been training with Family Martial Arts since the age of 4. Proficient in many martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Life Goal:

"To help every student one day become better than me."


Cameron Butler

Assistant Instructor/Program Director

Provisional Black Belt. Mr. Butler will be testing for his black belt in December, 2017. He began training with Family Martial Arts of Texas as a child. After moving out of Waco, Mr. Butler trained in various styles including MMA and Muay Thai. He is now back as a Family Martial Arts of Texas instructor!

Life Goal:

"To make a difference through the martial arts."


Nic Sayers

Assistant Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do . Mr. Sayers has been raised in the Martial Arts.

Life Goal:

"To be wise as serpents and innocent as lambs"